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  Server related
A Small SubSpace Server (ASSS) 1.4.4 Linux TAR 2.8 MB
Last stable release of A Small SubSpace Server (ASSS) for Linux
A Small SubSpace Server (ASSS) 1.4.4 Win ZIP 3.2 MB
Last stable release of A Small SubSpace Server (ASSS) for Windows
A Small SubSpace Server (ASSS) 1.4.4 source TAR 522 KB
Source code of A Small SubSpace Server (ASSS)
SubGame 1.34.12a ZIP 1.2 MB
SubGame server for Windows
SubBill SubSpace billing server v23 ZIP 46 KB
SubBill billing server for Windows
SS billing server 2 release 11j (port) Linux ZIP 160 KB
Last stable release of Linux ported SS billing server 2
Public directory server software v0.4 ZIP 83 KB
DDirserv public directory server for Windows
Linux directory server (port) v0.6 TAR 72 KB
DDirserv directory server ported version for Linux
Central 1.4f (distributed directory server) ZIP 72 KB
Last stable release of distributed directory server for Linux
SVS settings (Standard VIE Settings) CFG 14 KB
Orgininal ships settings for Subspace zones
  A Small SubSpace Server (ASSS) modules
ASSS AFK module ZIP 30 KB
Spec or kick people that are afk. Configurable per arena.
ASSS autoprice module ZIP 1 KB
Gives everyone a specific prize periodically by using ?autoprice
ASSS Auto Brick module ZIP 3.2 KB
Automatically drops bricks at specified places. Ideal to prevent spawn killing.
ASSS AutoWarp 2 module ZIP 3.2 KB
Does the same as AutoWarp but reads from a .conf file
ASSS Bounty Rabbit module ZIP 9 KB
Module name tells all about it, Bounty Rabbit.
ASSS Cheat Detection module ZIP 20 KB
Cheat detection module for ASSS.
ASSS Direct Web Stats module ZIP 39 KB
Direct ASSS Web Stats (DAWS) module.
ASSS CTF module ZIP 49 KB
Two team CTF flagging game (like in UT). Requires ASSS v1.3.5 or higher.
ASSS MoveTo module ZIP 28 KB
Just like ?warpto only this one preserves the player's velocity and direction.
ASSS No AntiWarp module ZIP 3 KB
Prevent people from using antiwarp in the center. Customisable radius.
Show up a green warning message for players.
ASSS No MySQL module ZIP 55 KB
If you don't have the mysql modules loaded, this module will mimick the ?last
command. Also logs details of all players that log in successfully for manual alias check.
ASSS Note module ZIP 9 KB
Demonstrates per-player persistent data.
ASSS Race module ZIP 57 KB
Highly customisable race module. Does not have minimum race/checkpoint time.
ASSS Spree module v1.7 ZIP 616 KB
Send arena messages at any number of kills with any bong. Some advanced
settings such as %macros in the messages and lvz toggling. ?spree command
for stats and hunting.
ASSS Suggest module ZIP 33 KB
Adds a ?suggest command. Includes flood protection and custom file for suggest.
ASSS ToDo module ZIP 1 KB
Simple todo list. Demonstrates lists, commands and string to integer parsing.
ASSS Warper module ZIP 1 KB
Warps players similar to *warpto when they enter a certain area. The destination
can be a rectangle, in which case the player is warped to a random .
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