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  Miscellaneous files
Continuum Resizer v2.1 ZIP 167 KB
Allow you to run Continuum in full screen windows mode.
Continuum Skin Viewer v0.5 ZIP 371 KB
Continuum skin viewer program.
Continuum original sounds ZIP 1.7 MB
Original wav files of Continuum graphics.
Continuum original graphics ZIP 2.0 MB
Original bitmap files of Continuum graphics.
Subspace Original CD-ROM ZIP 363 MB
The original Subspace CD-ROM that was sold in stores back in the nineties.
CD-ROM has been packed on ISO image.
The Story of Subspace PDF 91 KB
Subspace history written by Zhichun Pu
Winamp remote control for Continuum ZIP 304 KB
Winamp audio player remote controller for Continuum
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