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  Bots related
TWcore version 0.89 TAR 6.5 MB
The leatest release of TWcore. Plugins and addons available at
MERVBot (Build 46) (DLL 6.7) RAR 596 KB
The latest release of MERVbot by Catid him self.
MERVBot SOS Edition (Build 48) (DLL 6.7) RAR 228 KB
SOS has been writing public mods for MERVBot for a while, and here is the source
code for building a MERV core with his modifications.
  MERVBot Plugins
8-ball plugin ZIP 37 KB
Gives a random response to private !8ball command. Reads up 256 entires.
AFK list plugin v2.0 ZIP 34 KB
Displays a list of players who are in spec and the times of thier last text messages.
There is an ignore list for names that should not be monitored by the bot.
AFK Bot plugin v1.0 ZIP 52 KB
Monitors all players who are in ships for those players that are AFK. If a player goes
over the pre-defined AFK time, they will be specced but not locked. There is
an exemption list for player names that should not be monitored by the bot.
Alias / BanBot plugin v10.0 ZIP 81 KB
Downloads player information and uses it to track player aliases. Bot can
ban/spec/silence players for X minutes. This is more convenient and reliable
than using the built-in *kill, *spec, and *shutup commands.
Anti-TeamKill Bot plugin ZIP 53 KB
Bans people for excessive teamkilling. Allows players to monitor each other.
Ball Check plugin ZIP 48 KB
Patches a flaw in Subspace that allows ships to grab a powerball when their
SoccerBallProximity is set to 0.
Ball Mover plugin ZIP 51 KB
Moves balls when they enter pre-defined rectangular areas.
Base Wars plugin v5.0 ZIP 24 KB
First team to occupy turf base for 5 minutes wins the jackpot.
Blackjack plugin ZIP 141 KB
Play Blackjack in SubSpace. Now all we need is a way to buy stuff with the winnings!
Bounty Rabbit plugin v5.0 ZIP 88 KB
Hosts Bounty Rabbit games straight from the old MERVBot. Fixed so bounty is now
granted only when the player needs it.
Bounty Race plugin ZIP 59 KB
Hosts Bounty Race games to a customizable amount of bounty.
Bridge plugin v5.0 ZIP 81 KB
Forms a bridge between MERVBot's DLL-plugin system and pretty much any
programming language that supports named sockets.
Capture The Flag (CTF) plugin v10.0 ZIP 32 KB
Hosts Capture The Flag games. Two teams try to steal each others' flags. Highly
configurable with four CTF game types available. Designed for public arena
usage with custom maps and LVZ's.
Capture The Flag (CTF) League plugin ZIP 31 KB
To be used only with the CTF plugin. Hosts a flagging league between two squads.
Dodgeball plugin v2.0 ZIP 77 KB
Basic dodgeball, don't let the powerball touch you.
Domination plugin v2.0 ZIP 32 KB
Hosts UT Domination-type games. Source included, along with instructions for
setting up the LVZ stat box.
Dragonball Radar plugin v2.0 ZIP 56 KB
Shows powerball carriers a LVZ radar with owned/dropped flag coordinates as
yellow dots, self as red.
Dragonball Wishbot plugin v2.0 ZIP 97 KB
Grants players a wish on flag victories. Wishes are recorded on disk. 8 wishes
are available.
Duel plugin v1.0 ZIP 42 KB
Hosts 1 vs. 1 duels. Players do not need to learn bot !commands. Resets ships
in safety zones.
ElimBot plugin v9.0 ZIP 106 KB
Hosts seven games: Elim, team elim, spiders, race, zombies, conquer and
Eliza plugin v4.0 ZIP 106 KB
AI chat bot, which comes with source code so programmers can add behavior.
FlagBot plugin v7.5 ZIP 38 KB
Checks antiwarp, teamkills, safekills. Announces jackpot on greet and
periodically. Analyzes statistics from each flag game, displays them on a victory.
Checks uneven teams, displays flag coordinates periodically.
FlagMod plugin v1.10 ZIP 108 KB
Settings now persist between runs, so you don't need to change everything when
it recycles. Extended !buy features.
FlagMover plugin v4.0 ZIP 93 KB
Allows you to set which tiles are invalid for dropping/neuting flags. No more
resetting the flag game to fix stuck flags! Requires Facts Core package.
InvBot plugin v0.7 RAR 103 KB
Upgraded FlagMod! General-purpose !buy bot, very configurable. Fixes crashes
on closing, other stability patches included.
IP Checking Bot plugin v1.0 ZIP 31 KB
Checks for players with the same IP address in the arena. If double clients are
detected, the bot will send a ?cheater message to the online moderators.
Limits Bot plugin ZIP 78 KB
Ship limits: Regulates the numbers of specific ships in an arena. Attach limits:
Regulates which ships may not attach to specific other ships.
LogBot plugin ZIP 63 KB
Logs everything that players say to the bot. Commands are for bot-sysop use.
MessageBot plugin v1.0 ZIP 63 KB
Sends private messages (with macros) on various triggers (entering places
on map, entering game, leaving, etc.)
Monitor plugin v1.0 RAR 48 KB
Logs staff commands to monitor.log. Presents last 2000 entries for review in-game.
Music Lock plugin v3.0 ZIP 30 KB
New commands added to Music Lock plugin to allow moderators to bypass
the freq locking. Requires MERVBot build 39 or later.
No-Attach plugin v1.0 ZIP 42 KB
Allows players to restrict the people who can attach to them. When an illegal
attach is made, the bot *shipset's the turreter 2 times and then *warpto's
back to their place.
Pokemon plugin v2.0 ZIP 34 KB
Hosts Pokemon-themed duels. Captains are chosen, teams decided, 1 vs. 1
fights take place until a captain is eliminated.
RabbitBot (experimental) plugin ZIP 46 KB
Hosts Bounty Rabbit games. The game consists of one player getting a lot of
bounty and trying to survive for a certain amount of time.
RaceRef plugin v2.0 ZIP 46 KB
Hosts multiple race tracks for special events. Works best with fewer tracks and
large checkpoint zones. An example map is included with the archive, which
demonstrates single-lap and multiple-lap tracks.
Rampage plugin v3.5 ZIP 55 KB
Monitors player killing sprees. Customizable messages. New: You may leave
entries blank to not report killing sprees at certain levels. Vast improvements
to my original Rampage plugin: now supports sounds, prizes, and symbolic
macros that expand into player names, etc. Check it out!
RankBot plugin v4.0 ZIP 35 KB
Allows you to prevent new players from immediately using certain ship types
and prizes. You can "promote" players to new classes of ships and free prizes
based on their points.
SafeMiner plugin v2.0 ZIP 93 KB
Allows you to set which tiles are invalid for laying mines. Requires Facts Core
Ship Check plugin v3.0 ZIP 25 KB
Allows you to design your own team/ship associations with an INI file.
SoccerStats plugin v3.0 ZIP 29 KB
Essentially the same kind of stat bot used in SSCE Hockey/Football Zone. After
every goal or game is over, you can have the bot spam the stats chart and list
who is the best in several catagories. Also greets players with the current hockey
score if that mode is set; !hgreet command to toggle greet mode. Now works
with ship-type games, such as Warbirds vs. Javelins.
SpaceBot plugin v3.0 ZIP 19 KB
Keeps ships legal for Star Wars zone.
SpawnBot plugin v2.0 ZIP 30 KB
Allows you to change the respawn area for different teams. (Respawns *around*
impassable tiles.) Also adds "warp tiles" to your arena that allow players to enter
one warp area and come out from another.
Staff plugin v2.0 ZIP 91 KB
Displays a staff list. Reads a list of the zone staff from a text file.
Team-Evener plugin v1.0 ZIP 55 KB
Evens public teams in arenas with up to 8 public teams.
Text plugin beta ZIP 2.6 MB
Allows you to create a text box in the arena map, where the bot can draw messages
for people to see. This could be news, or game MVP's, or anything.
TitaniumBot plugin v3.0 ZIP 55 KB
Makes Leviathan and Lancaster capital ships, only the high scorer on each team
may use them.
TM Baw plugin v1.1 ZIP 34 KB
Allows users to specify to/from warp coordinates.
TM Baw-LVZ plugin v1.5 ZIP 50 KB
Upgraded TM Baw with LVZ objects.
TM Mer plugin v1.13 ZIP 114 KB
Gives players credits when they do something. Players can then !buy items
(very customizable) from the bot.
TM-Mer Edits plugin ZIP 266 KB
TW Mer customized version by player called 50% Packetloss.
TM Vex plugin v1.9 ZIP 119 KB
Allows players to register freqs.
Turf Radar ZIP 48 KB
Puts a visualization of the turf map on players' screens. The map is broken up into
bases, which change color based on who is in control of the majority of the base
flags. The bases flash when flags are captured. This bot is very difficult to set up the
first time, and someone will need to draw new graphics for each map it is used on.
Turret Elim plugin v3.0 ZIP 29 KB
Hosts turret elim games. Vote on deaths, fully customizable team spawn locations.
Warp Checker ZIP 84 KB
Checks if a flagger has warped. There are no commands, just load it and it will
automatically be set to check the flagger for warping (and will send a *shipreset).

More MERVBot plugins and addons available at
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