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  Quick start
The objective of this website is to provide Continuum players with recommended options for getting Continuum to run smoothly on Apple Mac OS X.

People have tried over the years, to get Continuum work on Macs with varying degrees of success. Nowadays there is a client for Mac and you are able to download it here. Here is a step-by-step installation guide how to get it work and troubleshooting guide.
  Installation - How to get it work
This installation option is tested for MacBook Air (mid 2011).

By using WineSkin, spiffyguy bundled Continuum and the necessary Wine runtime and config into a standalone Mac OS X application. Here is how to get it running.

Download Continuum for Mac OS X application.

Extract the zip file, copy to your Applications folder, and run it.

If you are running Mountain Lion, you may be prompted to install XQuartz. Install it, then run again

Run Continuum, start playing and having fun!
While there was no Mac OS X version of Continuum, some enterprising folks tried over the years, with varying degrees of success, to make Subspace/Continuum run on Macs. If you are still having problems with the Mac version of Continuum the following thread may help.
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