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  27 years and running!
In 1995 a group of developers started a client by the name of 'Sniper' to see how well dial up connections worked on a online multiplayer game. In 1997 after successfully beta testing 'Sniper' Virgin Interactive Entertainment (VIE) released a game called 'SubSpace' on the retail market. SubSpace was very vulnerable to cracks, cheats and did not work well with operating systems. Many users did not want to pay to play, so a crack for the game was released called "Twister". After years of playing a cracked game, PriitK released Continuum, which was a replica of SubSpace and was 100% free. SubSpace is now dead, and players still carry on its legend. Now in 2015, 18 years after, SubSpace has got a new life and got released on Steam!
  Presentation video about the game

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  Subspace / Continuum timeline
01.06.1995 - Sniper is created as a DirectX project
18.02.1996 - SubSpace opens for Public Beta
05.01.1997 - Release: SubSpace: v1.34
13.09.1997 - Release: SubSpace: v1.35
27.11.1997 - SubSpace: The Internet Game ships
19.12.1997 - JeffP and Rodvik leave VIE
15.01.1999 - VIE Shuts down SubSpace servers
21.09.2007 - Release: Continuum 0.40 (by: PriitK)
05.02.2013 - Steam Greenlight project started
03.07.2015 - Release: Subspace Continuum released in Steam
  Zone history
Continuum began with a few zones, referred to as SVS (Standard VIE Settings) zones, where ship settings kept true to their SubSpace origins. These classic zones retain the oldest populations and most skilled players, along with extremely competitive and balanced league play and some of the craziest personalities out there.

Since re-launching as Continuum, there been significant growth in custom zones, where the ship look and settings vary widely. The action is usually more fast-paced and casual.

If you're looking to develop your own game, Continuum provides server, developer, and game designer tools so you can customize Continuum into any kind of top-down 2D shooter action game you can imagine.
  Continuum population statistics

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  There's so much more
Continuum has been around since 1995, so there's obviously much more to this amazing game than we can place on this page. We've got intense leagues, a great community, awesome squads, and some of the most addicting gameplay you'll find online. It's lasted this long for a reason.

So download Continuum, drop by a zone, and indulge. And bring some friends too. And don't forget to connect Continuum Steam Community!

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Log in, kill someone, and make some friends. After you've played 20 hours straight, advertise the game to your friends! Check out the Steam Community!

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